Transition Team

During the call process, the Transition Team is chartered with creating the Ministry Site Profile.  This document describes the church, its values and its programs to pastoral candidates. 

On May 5th, 2024 the Team provided an update to the congregation regarding the progress being made.  This page includes the steps that have been taken along with photographs of the charts that the team is using in the process. 

The team is about halfway through the process and expects to have a Ministry Site Profile ready by late summer 2024.  

A recording of the Transition Team update on May 5th may be found on our Youtube channel.


With the 75 responses from the Congregational Purpose survey, we distilled the purpose onto the blue sticky notes on the left.  As a group, we then took all the responses and identified our interpretation of those responses, listed in the green sticky notes on the right.  

Characteristics, Goals and Programs

Next, we reviewed details of what makes our congregation unique.  

We reviewed the last 6 years of annual reports, and separated it into three different categories:  Congregational Characteristics, Stated Goals, and Programs Offered.  

As you can see, there is a lot of information.  You'll need to zoom in on this photo to see the results of this effort.  


After listing the Characteristics, Goals and Programs, the team was tasked with interpreting this information.  We then created another slide with green sticky notes interpreting those results.  

Trends and Changes

From the Characteristics, Goals and Programs listed, we identified some Trends and Changes in the congregation, listed on the blue sticky notes in this chart.  We then took those and distilled them to the Top Three listed on green sticky notes on the right.  


From there, we started to describe the energy of the congregation.  Specifically, what excites us right now as a congregation.  We listed those on the blue sticky notes.  We then used the green sticky notes to interpret that excitement.

Neighborhood Context

We then looked at the demographics of the surrounding area, including Census data, School district information, Government and Community Organizations.  


We then turned our thoughts to the Mission Statement, and looking into the Mission of the Church, and specifically Advent Lutheran Church.  We reviewed how the Mission statement suits our congregation, and areas where we believe that we could have more clarity.